Choose from Frameless or Semi-Frameless glass fence designs.

Keep that view unobstructed with beautiful frameless or semi-frameless glass. We have round and square options for spigots and posts with varying finishes.



Added functionality and safety without sacrificing good looks.

Installing hand rails extended from or along the top of glass panels can provide an added layer of functionality and safety while giving you a helping hand up stairs or reinforcing balcony balustrade.


Glass panels can be surface mounted, channel set, core drilled or face fixed to a variety of surfaces.

Depending on the surface, glass panels and gates can be mounted in a variety of ways. For those seeking the ultra minimal look, channel set is a good option, especially for sites still in construction. Alternatively, face fixed glass provides a clean and minimal look.

  1. Let us know your requirements
  2. We’ll provide a quote
  3. Once you’ve accepted the quote, we ask for a deposit of 25%
  4. We handle the council application on your behalf and wait for the building permit from the council.
  5. If your site is still undergoing works such as brick paving or flooring, we will wait until this is done before embarking on installation.
  6. When ready, we come out to your site and install the glass fence in less than a day
  7. We await your inspection on the installation job
  8. Your Warranty period begins