Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless glass fencing built for Perth conditions, custom engineered, professionally installed and compliant with Australian standards.

Why choose frameless glass fencing with Sorrento Glass?

We use premium-quality glass with stainless steel hinges of your choice that won’t rust or get corroded.  Frameless glass pool fencing is your best bet for the most sophisticated and most elegant way to make sure that your pool area is safe and secure. You can have unobstructed view of your surroundings at the same time, you can easily keep an eye on kids while they’re around or in the pool. Your frameless glass installation with Sorrento Glass is according to Australian standards and conditions.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Options

To achieve the most minimal yet sophisticated look, we use a combination of surface mounted, face fixed and channel set frameless glass panels.

Spigot mounted frameless glass

Keep hardware to a minimum using stainless steel spigots to secure your frameless glass panels. Available in round or square designs.

Face fixed frameless glass

A completely unobstructed view can be achieved using face fixed frameless glass panels, ideal for garden beds, decking and retaining walls.

Channel fixed frameless glass

Set into channels below the surface creating an ultra minimal look, ideal when the pool or decking area is still under construction.

Featured projects

These beautiful homes feature frameless glass pool fencing using a combination of surface mounted, face fixed and channel set installation methods.

How we work with you

Hundreds of projects with unique glass pool fencing designs completed across Perth

The Sorrento Glass difference in professionalism is evident from the moment you contact us, we will respond to your enquiries promptly and in a detailed manner so that you have the right information to make a decision on investing in a beautiful glass pool fence.

We work hard to make sure our installers are prompt, tidy on site and courteous throughout the entire installation process. Providing you with the product you expected, to your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.

  • Let us know your requirements
  • We’ll provide a quote
  • Once you’ve accepted the quote, we ask for a deposit of 40%
  • If temporary fencing is required, we will deliver to you FREE of charge
  • If your site is still undergoing works such as brick paving or flooring, we will wait until this is done before embarking on the glass pool fencing installation.
  • We will organise a site measure with the installers to confirm the measurements
  • We will send you a site sketch design awaiting your approval
  • When ready, we come out to your site and install the glass fence in less than a day (in most cases)
  • We await your inspection on the glass pool fence
  • Your Warranty period begins


Request a quote

We recommend getting 3 quotes, and making ours one of them

With more and more cheap and nasty alternatives entering the market, we urge you to ask about the quality you’re receiving in every quote you seek. We'd be happy to take your call and explain how our products meet our own strict quality and engineering standards as well as Australian standards.