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Round core drilled spigots load test (2234 downloads )

Test Report

To Sorrento Glass     Report No MTS-18449 SG
1 / 7 Hector St Osborne Park WA 6017     Issue Date 25/07/2014
Order No. G. Vile     Test Date 13/06/2014


MTS Metallurgical Testing Services was engaged to perform load tests on a toughened glass pool fence panel in general accordance
with the requirements of AS 1926.1 – 2012.


ID Item/Heat No. Dimensions/Type/Details Finish Overall Assessment
18449/01 Frameless Glass 1.0m Long x 1.2m High with 40mm Round
Duplex stainless steel spigots


Examinations & Tests

A visit was made to the test site to verify the installation arrangements against supplied drawings. A subsequent visit was made once the
grout had cured to conduct a load test.



The results of the tests reported herein COMPLIED with the requirements of the stated standard/s and/or specification/s.


Colin Lorrimar
Metallurgical Testing Manager



Core-Drilled Spigots

40mm Square Spigot – Face view   40mm Square Spigot – Side view


Visual Examination

The panel was installed in accordance with this drawing, modified to suit the 100mm thick floor at the test site.


Load Test


Test Specification AS 1926.1 – 2012, Appendix C   Test Procedure MTS-TP3.7 Load Tests of Protective Enclosures,Barriers and Fences

Specimen ID Test Load (N) Deflection Under Load (mm) Permanent Distortion (mm) Observations Assessment
18449/01 330 24.0 1.5 No damage, loosening or permanent distortion COMPLIES


The pool fence panel under test load showing the hydraulic ram and digital load indicator.

Requirements: No breakage or signs of fracture or loosening of any part. Maximum Permanent Distortion: 6mm.

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