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Square surface mounted spigots load test (2138 downloads )

Test Report

To Sorrento Glass     Report No MTS-18494 SG
1 / 7 Hector St Osborne Park WA 6017     Issue Date 04/08/2014
Order No. G. Vile     Test Date 20/06/2014


MTS Metallurgical Testing Services was engaged to conduct load tests on a pool fence spigot to the requirements of Australian Standard
AS 1926.1 – 2012.

ID Item/Heat No. Dimensions/Type/Details Finish Overall Assessment
18494/01 Square Spigot 50mm Square Bplted Base Duplex stainless
steel spigot

Examinations & Tests

A visit was made to the test site to verify the installation arrangements against supplied drawings and to conduct a load test.



The results of the tests reported herein COMPLIED with the requirements of the stated standard.


Colin Lorrimar
Metallurgical Testing Manager



Visual Examination

The 40mm round bolted base spigot

The spigot was installed in accordance with the details of this drawing, modified to suit the 100mm thick floor at the test site.


Load Test


Test Specification AS 1926.1 – 2012, Appendix C   Test Procedure MTS-TP3.1 Compression Tests – Products

Specimen ID Test Load (N) Deflection Under Load (mm) Permanent Distortion (mm) Observations Assessment
188494/01 330 30.0 2.0 No damage or loosening evident. COMPLIES


The Bolted Base Square Spigot under test load.

Requirements:No breakage or signs of fracture or loosening of any part. Maximum Permanent Distortion: 6mm.

Remark:A specially made stiffened test jig was used to simulate the effect of an in-service load applied at 1200mm above ground level.

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