Glass Fence Designs

Engineered products, professional installation

Unique glass balustrade and glass pool fencing designs can be achieved using a combination of glass pool fencing products and glass fence installation methods to suit the location and surroundings. We also cater to custom requirements including glass walls, glass floors, glass ceilings and other types of glass barriers.

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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

The ultra minimal look, using a combination of surface mounted, face fixed and channel set frameless glass panels.

Spigot mounted frameless glass

Keep hardware to a minimum using stainless steel spigots to secure your frameless glass panels. Available in round or square designs.

Face fixed frameless glass

A completely unobstructed view can be achieved using face fixed frameless glass panels, ideal for garden beds, decking and retaining walls.

Channel fixed frameless glass

Set into channels below the surface creating an ultra minimal look, ideal when the pool or decking area is still under construction.

Semi frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Semi frameless glass

A low cost modern alternative to frameless glass, posts are available in square and rounded designs and can be capped with solar lights.

Glass Fence Projects

Hundreds of projects with unique glass fence designs completed across Perth

Looking for inspiration? browse our collection of completed projects across Perth. Rest assured, all project photography is 100% produced by Sorrento Glass, no images are “borrowed” from other websites.