Glass Pool Fencing Prices

We recommend getting 3 quotes and making ours one of them!

As pricing for glass pool fencing installation becomes more and more competitive, some suppliers are choosing to cut corners by sacrificing product quality and safety. We are truly surprised at the varying quality of glass fences on the market today. At Sorrento Glass, we  stick by our quality assurance and engineering standards while remaining competitive on price.

For an accurate estimation of your glass fencing project, we recommend taking up an obligation free, on-site measure and quote service no matter which glass pool fencing company you go with.

How much does a glass pool fence cost?

The key to keeping the cost of glass pool fencing down is to make sure you get it done right the first time. Installing your own glass pool fencing or balustrading can appear cost effective at first, but may be offset by expensive repairs and adjustments down the track.

Every pool size, shape and location is different and it’s not possible to offer a one price fits all without knowing your particular circumstances.The first step in determining your fencing prices is to map out the square meterage, number and type of gates, requirements for custom size panels and the type of glass you would like to use.

Mapping out your pool fence for a quote

The best indicator of the price of pool fencing in Perth is to have a glass pool fencing specialist come out and provide you with a quote. After seeing your property and pool, a specialist can predict any complications that may arise and provide an accurate quote. If a site visit is not an option, use the detailed quote section on the right to get an accurate estimate.

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