Glass Fencing Products

Designed, engineered and manufactured by Sorrento Glass for reliable, long lasting and straight glass fences

Our customers appreciate the real value of using quality products and are willing to invest that little bit extra to receive a glass pool fencing made from quality grade glass and glass hardware. We work tirelessly with our manufacturers to keep standards high in order to deliver a premium product to our loyal customers.

Glass Panels

Custom sized, heat soaked, crystal clear & straightKeep that view unobstructed with our beautiful glass panels, heat soaked to remove green tinge and imperfections. Our fixed, hinged and raked glass panels are specially designed for safety and use with our custom made glass fencing hardware.

Glass Fence Hardware

Engineered for long lasting quality and functionalityOur glass fence hardware consists of spigots (for frameless glass panels), posts (for semi frameless glass panels) and stainless steel handrails (for balustrade). Glass gate hardware includes components such as hinges, latches and hydraulic patch fittings. Lastly, we stock a range of custom made miscellaneous fittings such as toe holds, solar lights and special connectors such as standoffs and D Clamps to produce the right glass fence design for the job.


Extend the life of your glass, protect your fence from the elements and reduce maintenanceEnduroshield gives you more time to enjoy the view by providing a protective coating that extends the effective and aesthetic life of your glass balustrade and glass pool fencing.

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