Hinged Frameless Glass Panels

Frameless hinged panels with polished edges and r2 corners are part of our proprietary fencing system that uses 2 slot holes on each panel, allowing spigots to be bolt clamped keeping the glass tight evenly on both sides for maximum stability and lifespan.


All glass fence product testing is carried out via MTS, an Australian approved NATA engineer. Read more about our glass pool fencing compliance

All suppliers of Glass Panels for Pool Fencing in WA import their glass from one place or another. With the recent concern about the quality of products coming from China, we've asked our suppliers to acquire a product conformance certificate from an Australian based company Certificate Solutions International.

We take our product quality seriously, and scrutinise everything that comes into our warehouse to ensure the end user can rely on a beautiful and straight glass fence for years to come.

Please find below our Supplier's certification: